Getting pregnant is one of the most stressful times of any woman’s life. Not only will you be busy trying to make sure everything is ready for the time your baby arrives, you will also be experiencing a large number of bodily changes that can have an impact on your health. While you’re attempting to take care of yourself and your baby by eating right, taking vitamins, and getting enough sleep, your oral health is at risk of slipping down on your list of priorities. At La Petite Dentistry in Hudson, we are a pediatric dental clinic that is dedicated to helping your kids take care of their teeth by providing cleanings, orthodontic care — including Invisalign — and dental education. Part of our job is also about letting parents know how important their dental health during pregnancy is. Read on to learn more about this topic, and once your child is ready to see a dentist, give us a call!

You May Be at an Elevated Risk for Tooth Decay

During pregnancy, you may have a higher risk of tooth decay than you would if you weren’t pregnant. While there are many reasons why this could happen, we’ll discuss just a few of them today.

Morning Sickness

While not every woman who is pregnant experiences morning sickness, those who do may experience many unpleasant symptoms. In addition to dizziness, fatigue, and a sensitivity to smell, some pregnant women may experience vomiting. While vomiting is uncomfortable enough, some women may notice that the smell and taste of their toothpaste may make them nauseous which can make it difficult for them to brush their teeth after getting sick. If you have morning sickness, it is very important for you to brush your teeth as soon as possible because the extra acid in your mouth can accelerate tooth decay. If your current toothpaste is making you feel sick, there are flavorless brands that will clean your teeth without any of the strong scents or flavors.


Some women find themselves craving certain kinds of food during pregnancy, and this can create problems. If you have an intense desire for lots of sweet or acidic foods, you may do more damage to your teeth than you would if you were eating your normal diet. While it isn’t necessary to deny all of your cravings, be aware of how much extra sugar is being added to your diet and make sure to stay up on your oral health routine to mitigate any damage.

Dental Health is an Important Part of Overall Health

We’ve mentioned this in other blog entries that were related to helping your kids keep their teeth clean, but good oral health is an important component of your overall wellbeing. It is very easy to let things slip through the cracks when you’re pregnant, so try to make keeping your teeth and gums healthy an important part of your routine.

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