Over the last few decades, dental sealants have emerged as an important part of pediatric dentistry. Maybe you’ve heard about sealants or had them yourself when you were younger but you didn’t know exactly what they are. Today, we will cover the basics of sealants: what they’re made from, why they’re used, and why we tend to recommend them for many kids.

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What Are Sealants?

Dental sealants are a special kind of plastic coating that is evenly applied over the molars. The molars have deeper valleys in them than other teeth, so food sticks inside of them more easily which can lead to decay and cavities. Because the molars are in the back of the mouth, some children can have a difficult time reaching these areas with their toothbrush, creating more possibilities for neglect and decay. The plastic sealants prevent the transmission of acids through the membrane and onto the surface of the teeth.

Do Sealants Work?

The American Dental Association, along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, have seen a dramatic drop (up to 80 percent) in the number of cavities among kids who have had dental sealants. Not only is this a huge drop, sealants are also much more affordable than having to fill a cavity and they last for years and years. With regular checkups, they have been shown to stay effective for up to a decade.  

Who Should Get Sealants?

Because tooth decay is the most common dental disease that children face, kids from the ages of six to the age of 19 may be able to benefit from dental sealants. Kids who have already exhibited signs of dental decay or who have problems with brushing are great candidates, but almost anyone can benefit from them. As children get older, their dental health can sometimes take a backseat to other concerns and their teeth can suffer. Sealants are a great way to close that gap and to prevent painful, expensive cavities before they begin.  

When you come for your child’s next dental visit, ask the dentist about sealants and the advantages of them. We’re happy to discuss whether or not we recommend them for your child as well as some ways to help prevent tooth decay while fostering good oral hygiene from a young age. We’re dedicated to helping your kids take care of their teeth as one part of their overall health.

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