We all know how important good dental health is for adults. After all, we only have one set of permanent adult teeth and they have to last us for many decades. What you might not know is that pediatric dental care is just as important. Taking care of your children’s teeth now will save them from a lot of problems later in life that don’t just affect the teeth. At La Petite Dentistry, we are specially trained in pediatric dentistry. This extra training is necessary to learn about the extra complexities that are present in a child’s mouth, so call us for the best pediatric dentistry available in Hudson. Read on to learn about why your kids should go to the dentist often and how regular dental visits will benefit them for years to come.

Unlike adults, children’s jaws and teeth undergo massive changes in a very short amount of time. Not only do they grow one set of teeth and lose them, then they have to grow another complete set. This amount of change opens up a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong. Because baby teeth (deciduous teeth) help the oral cavity develop by creating large enough channels for adult teeth to grow, it’s very important that baby teeth are allowed to develop fully and without suffering from decay.

Regular checkups will help us keep an eye on the jaw and teeth as they develop so we can come up with a plan to fix any issues before they start to cause pain or do irreparable damage. La Petite Dentistry also offers orthodontic services including Invisalign so you can rest easy knowing that even if your child does need braces, we can take care of them.

One of the most important parts of all pediatric dental appointments is the time we spend teaching children how to take care of their teeth. We will show them proper brushing and flossing techniques as well as talking to them about how what they eat can positively or negatively impact their teeth. The way we see it, if we teach them how to prevent tooth decay we’re helping them to be healthier and we’re helping keep money in your wallet.

At La Petite Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing your kids with the best possible dental care that’s available in Hudson. Our entire staff is excited to help your kids keep their teeth healthy. Our office is designed to make kids happy to be there and to alleviate any feelings of stress or anxiety that they might be experiencing. Call us today to get an appointment.