If your child has been taking care of their teeth but there’s some problems that don’t seem to be going away as they lose their baby teeth and their permanent teeth come in, they might need orthodontic care. While braces have long been the standard for treating dental problems like teeth crowding, underbites and overbites, in the last twenty years an exciting alternative has emerged that combines many of the positive effects of braces without the unsightly look of a mouthful of metals. This alternative is called Invisalign®.

La Petite Dentistry in Hudson is proud to offer Invisalign treatment to our patients as a method of making their teeth look and feel great without having to deal with metal braces. Call us today to find out if your child is a candidate for Invisalign. Read on to learn about how Invisalign can be a more attractive, less painful way to straighten teeth.

Invisalign Looks Better Than Metal Braces

Invisalign is a set of clear aligners that are designed to fit over the teeth and gradually shift them into proper position. A new aligner is introduced every two weeks to keep the teeth constantly moving in the right direction. While they’re doing the same hard work that metal braces and wires do, Invisalign is nearly invisible. Even though this might not seem that important to an adult, for a teenager this can be the difference between wanting to get their teeth fixed and letting a problem get worse.

Invisalign Trays Are Removable

Ask anyone who ever had traditional metal braces and they’ll tell you that one of the worst parts about them was that they couldn’t be removed. Not only do metal braces make it harder to eat, food can get caught in parts of metal braces that are nearly impossible to get to with a toothbrush or floss, leaving your teeth open to discoloration, cavities, and bad breath. Invisalign trays are made to be taken out when you eat so there’s no worry of getting anything caught in them. All you have to do after eating is brush your teeth to prevent staining.

Invisalign is Just More Comfortable

With Invisalign there are no metal brackets glued to your teeth with wires running between them to tear up your lips and your tongue. While you might assume that you’d get used to this over time, you really don’t. Braces already affect your speech but that is only made worse when you add in a swollen tongue and swollen lips. The pain experienced when using Invisalign is much less than with traditional braces and is usually described as discomfort.

While Invisalign seems like the obvious choice over regular braces, there are a few drawbacks that we can discuss with you during an appointment. Some of these drawbacks include the higher cost of Invisalign, as well as problems correcting some tooth issues.

Contact us at La Petite Dentistry in Hudson today to find out how we can help your child’s smile and overall dental health with Invisalign or traditional braces. We specialize in pediatric dentistry and everything from our office decor to our staff, was chosen to help make you and your children comfortable when visiting the dentist. Call us today!