Pick up any packaged food off the shelf at a supermarket or in your pantry and you might be surprised to see just how much sugar or other less-than-desirable ingredients are in your kid’s favorite snacks. Even if your children do a great job brushing and flossing, too many sugary or acidic foods can have counteract whatever work they’ve done to keep their teeth healthy. As a parent, what can you do?

Here at La Petite Dentistry in Hudson, we’ve seen many parents struggle with this question. Luckily, we have quite a few great suggestions to help your kids snack in teeth-friendly ways! Read on to learn about a few scrumptious snacks or give us a call today if you need to schedule an appointment for your little ones. Our pediatric dentist office specializes in helping kids keep their teeth looking and feeling great. We work with children who have anxiety about going to the dentist as well as kids and adults with special needs. Best of all, we never use needles!

Savory Snacks

While some kids seem to live for sweet treats, lots of other children prefer to have snacks that are on the savory end of the taste spectrum. Below are a few tasty ideas that will satisfy their hunger without causing unnecessary damage to their teeth.

Plain Popcorn

Everyone loves the fun crunch of popcorn! Choose plain, unbuttered popcorn for a healthy snack that your children will love while they watch TV, do their homework, or hang around in the yard!


Whether in string-cheese form or pre-portioned cubes, cheese is a great munchie that can be eaten on its own or combined with other chomper-friendly foods like pita bread or fresh fruits. Another benefit to snacking on cheese is that added calcium — a key component of maintaining healthy bones and teeth!

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Cracking the shell off of a hard-boiled egg is a ton of fun that you and your kids will love sharing with each other! In addition to the fun, eggs are healthy and make a filling snack that will keep your children satiated between meals.

Sweeter Snacks

To satisfy a sweet tooth, you don’t have to hand your child candy or flavored milk. Instead, there are plenty of healthy and natural options that take care of cravings for sweets without pumping your kids full of unhealthy amounts of sugar or other chemicals.


Plain yogurt mixed with a small amount of chopped fruit or berries is a wonderful treat that not only takes care of any hankerings for sweets, it’s also a delicious source of protein and calcium!

Peanut Butter

While peanut butter isn’t the sweetest food on the list, it manages to check both the savory and the sweet boxes in our heads. Spread some on rice cakes or on celery for a healthy snack that everyone will love!

Fresh Fruits

There are so many wonderful fruits out there that it can be hard to know which ones are ok for snacks and which ones should be avoided. Generally, you’ll want to stay away from citrus fruits (unless there is a toothbrush nearby) because they contain a lot of acids that can cause tooth erosion. That being said, basically any fruit in moderation is going to be a better snack than processed treats. If you’re concerned about your kids getting too much sugar from fruit, pair their fruit with other foods like cheeses or vegetables.

There are many more options for tasty and teeth-healthy snacks than these, but this should give you a great place to start. Remember, one of the best ways to help your children eat healthier is to lead by example. Make having healthy snacks a fun, family experience. You might be surprised at how big of an improvement you notice in your own health if you put down the processed snacks and begin munching on lighter, healthier treats.

If you have more questions about snacking healthy, be sure to ask the dentist when you bring your child into La Petite Dentistry for their next appointment. We’re proud to provide the most gentle dental care in Hudson in a fun environment where kids are excited to visit us! Contact us today!