In our last blog, we discussed the importance of brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and the importance of cleaning between teeth as a part of the ADA’s National Children’s Dental Health Month. In this blog, we wanted to offer some tips to help your children take care of their teeth that are great not just for February, but all year long!

At La Petite Dentistry, we have built our practice around the idea that going to the dentist should be as fun and easy for children as possible. From the special training our staff receives to the way that we decorate our office, everything we do is in service of making the dentist a safe and comfortable place for kids. Contact us at La Petite Dentistry in Hudson to make an appointment for your child today! No matter what they need — Invisalign, a teeth cleaning, or emergency dental care — we are here and ready to help.

Brush Your Teeth With Your Kids


One of the best ways to show your kids just how important taking care of their teeth is, is to show them that you value your oral health, too! Kids look to their parents and their older siblings to see what is expected of them, and if you show them how important and fun it is to take care of their teeth and oral health, they’ll take that behavior to heart. Brushing your teeth with your kids shows them that good dental health is something that everyone does and it allows you to:

  • Monitor the way your kids brush. Make sure they are using good brushing techniques and that they’re brushing for long enough.

    • Remember: for kids under three, just apply a tiny smear of toothpaste. For kids ages three to six, a pea-sized amount is perfect.
  • Bond with your kids over healthy habits. Along with exercising and eating healthy meals, brushing together allows you to spend time with your kids while doing something healthy!

    • Health is a combination of behaviors, and oral health is an important part of better overall health!

Make Dental Health a Routine

Setting and sticking to a routine will help your kids get used to brushing in the morning and after meals. Making oral health as important as eating breakfast or tying their shoes will make brushing just another part of their day.

Creating a routine is especially useful if:

  • You have young children who are just starting to brush.

    • Starting them off on the right foot will make brushing feel less like an imposition on their time, which will make them more likely to keep up good habits.
  • Your kids haven’t had the best oral hygiene regimen in the past.

    • The holidays, with all of their treats and travelling, as well as time off from a normal routine, can cause your kids to lapse into an infrequent oral hygiene regimen. Use February to get them back on track!

We hope these tips help! If you need more ways to help your kids take care of their teeth, ask us during their next appointment! At La Petite Dentistry, we know that education is a key component of dental health, so we welcome any questions or concerns you might have about your child’s dental health or routine. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!