We all know that we lose our baby teeth, but have you ever wondered how our teeth form and how our bodies know when it is time for the permanent teeth to take the stage? In this blog we will go over these processes as a way of better understanding how our teeth work and why it is so important to take care of them.

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How Teeth Form

Teeth are formed when a collection of specialized cells come together. These cells each perform a different function and become a different part of the tooth. Primary (baby) teeth begin to form in utero and continue to take shape and grow until the child is approximately three years old, this is when the roots of the upper and lower teeth finish developing. The permanent teeth begin to calcify after the child has been born and will continue to grow until the child is in their late teens or early twenties.

While the mechanisms of how teeth erupt have been long debated, the most recent findings seem to indicate that is a complex process resulting from a combination of many factors working together.

How Nutrition Helps Teeth Grow

Teeth need a number of essential nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy. Some of these include calcium, vitamin A, vitamin, C, vitamin D, and phosphorus. This nutrients are found in a healthy diet that includes dairy, fruit, vegetables, and some meat, so it is important that you ensure a good diet for your children as they grow. Deficiencies of these nutrients will slow or stunt tooth growth as well as causing other problems with the body.

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