Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, is a fairly common issue among both children and adults. Most of the time this jaw clenching and teeth gnashing is an unconscious action, often occurring during sleep but it can have some pretty intense effects that manifest in waking life. In addition to a sore jaw and headaches, bruxism can damage the teeth and even cause problems with sleep. At La Petite Dentistry in Hudson, our pediatric dentist is fully-trained and experienced in dealing with bruxism. Read on to find out some of the possible causes of bruxism and some ways that we can help fix it.

Why Your Kid Might Be Grinding Their Teeth

It’s believed that bruxism isn’t always caused by the same issue or that it is even due to a single factor and instead might be a combination of problems. First, it is pretty common for children to grind their teeth. This might be due to irritation from teething as well as irritation from losing the baby teeth as the permanent teeth start to grow from the jaw. Certain medications can trigger bruxism, as can an improperly-aligned jaw, hyperactivity, stress, and certain developmental disorders.

How a Pediatric Dentist Can Help Treat Bruxism

When you make an appointment at La Petite Dentistry to have your child’s teeth grinding looked at, we will start with an examination of the jaw and to see if there are any problems with the way that their teeth are developing. If a cause is found during this exam, we will come up with a plan to correct it. If no cause can be determined we can suggest other ways to try to prevent bruxism or at least alleviate some of the symptoms with a mouthguard that your son or daughter can wear at night.

Call La Petite Dentistry in Hudson today if your child has been suffering from the symptoms brought on by Bruxism. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best pediatric dental care.