As an adult, you’ve probably been told over and over again by your dentist that flossing is important and that you’re probably not flossing enough. Have you ever asked exactly why flossing is so important or why it matters that your kids floss, too? In this entry, we’ll go over what makes flossing such an integral part of every oral hygiene regimen and how instilling good flossing habits while your child is young can have long-term benefits for the health of their teeth and the rest of their body. If your child needs a dental checkup, teeth cleaning, or orthodontic work, call La Petite Dentistry in Hudson, now! Our pediatric dentist’s office is a safe, fun, and welcoming environment full of caring dental staff who do everything possible to show your kids that going to the dentist should be a fun experience.

What Does Flossing Do For Your Teeth?

Flossing is good for your mouth because it helps to clear away food and plaque that can’t be reached from brushing or mouthwash. While you or your child might do a spectacular job brushing, over time, enough food particles and calculus can build up that it can lead to conditions that encourage tooth decay and cavities.

Cavities that occur between teeth can be especially troublesome because they often go unnoticed for longer than cavities on the surface of your teeth. The longer that cavities go untreated, the more severe they become and that can lead to other complications including infections.

Flossing is important because it is one more tool to keep teeth strong and healthy!

How Do I Get My Kid to Start Flossing?

Flossing is a strange part of a good oral health regimen because it’s seen as so important but also skipped over quite a bit. This means that a lot of people have had bad experiences with flossing or have never done it with enough consistency to really get the hang of it. Below, we’ll give you some simple do’s and don’ts that will make your child’s flossing, fun, easy, and beneficial.

DO floss on a schedule. If you and your child aren’t going to floss every day (which you should) schedule at least three days a week to floss and stick that schedule.

DON’T floss too hard. The floss or tape shouldn’t cause any pain or cause your gums to bleed. If you or your kid notice pain when flossing gently, get them to the dentist to see if there are cavities between the teeth.

DO make flossing fun. Flossing is a good way to make silly faces and show your kids that this important part of dental hygiene doesn’t have to be taken super seriously in order to be effective.

If your children need dental care, call us at La Petite Dentistry today! We specialize in pediatric dentistry and we do everything we can to make every visit to the dentist fun! We also offer orthodontic services, including Invisalign, as well as sedation dentistry. Every dental appointment has time where you can ask questions about your child’s dental care as well as ask us for advice about teaching your children proper flossing and brushing techniques! Get in touch with us today!