Need a professional mouthguard made for your child? Well, you have come to the right place. At La Petite Dentistry, we offer custom made mouthguards to help protect your child’s teeth during sports activities.

Custom made for your child’s comfort

Made to fit your child’s mouth perfectly, our custom mouthguards are designed to prevent damage when your child plays contact sports. Because they are fit to your child’s mouth, you never have to worry about teeth being broken or knocked out. When you come to La Petite Dentistry, we will examine your child’s mouth, take a mold of their teeth and create a mouthguard that fits comfortably. Our mouthguards are designed to not only fit properly, but are made to last and are designed for maximum oxygen flow as well.

Occlusal and night guards

At La Petite Dentistry, we also can make nightguards for sleeping. If your child is suffering from grinding their teeth, bruxism, headaches, jaw pain, tenderness, migraines, they may need night guards. Occlusal and night guards are a great way to prevent your child from grinding their teeth and wearing them out. It can be hard to know if your child needs a night guard, so we recommend that you make an appointment with us so we can provide a proper diagnosis.

Occlusal & Night Guards

Occlusal guards and night guards are designed to help your child if they are having any type of teeth grinding (bruxism) or breathing problems. Much like professional sports mouthguards, occlusal and night guards are custom fitted to your child’s teeth. This process generally involves taking impressions of your child’s teeth and bite. These impressions are then used in the lab to construct properly fitted, custom made occlusal and night guards.

Please get in touch with La Petite Dentistry if you have any questions about your child’s well being!