Information about Sedation Dentistry

Oral hygiene and dental care are essential even at young age. We understand that some children may be scared of going to the dentist and it is our goal to make the appointment enjoyable. To make this possible, we offer sleep sedation for a safe and comfortable way to have your child’s teeth cared for properly without anxiety. With sedation, your child will not feel any pain; in fact, they may not even remember the treatment they received while in our care.

Sleep sedation is not recommended for all treatments, and we will advise you if we believe it is unnecessary when you come in. If you request sleep sedation, we give your child a juice (i.e. Meperidine and Midazolam) that makes them fall asleep. Our staff will monitor both your child’s heart rate and breathing levels throughout the entire process, so you have nothing to worry about at all.

La Petite Dentistry™ offers IN-OFFICE DENTAL SEDATION without the use of needles!

Advantages of sleep sedation

Because this type of sedation allows us to help manage pain and anxiety during your child’s procedure, it is a wonderful option in comparison to general anesthesia which makes your child unconscious and unable to respond to commands. With sleep sedation, your child can breathe on their own, in a very deep state of relaxation.

At La Petite Dentistry, we use this sedation over other options because it is easier to administer to young children and is safe to monitor, without costing you a fortune. The level of sedation is not easily changed, however, and everyone responds to the sedation differently, so we advise that someone monitors your child on the ride home.

We also offer dental inhalation sedation which works more quickly than sleep decision. This process is not as easy to administer, so it is important we meet with you before your child’s appointment to ensure you choose the right type of sedation that be the most effective.

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